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Recent Filings of Interest

Scales of justice, gavel, and law book

Amgen - Aranesp and Enbrel

Amgen Inc. is a California based biotechnology company that manufactures and sells pharmaceutical products, including Aranesp and Enbrel. Tennessee, along with 48 other states, entered into a $71 million nationwide settlement with Amgen to resolve allegations that Amgen violated the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act...Amgen filings.


The Tennessee Attorney General's Office and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation filed a complaint against Chevron Corporation alleging Chevron wrongfully obtaining more than $18.2 million in reimbursement from the State's Underground Storage Tank Fund to clean up leaks from Chevron owned underground storage tanks in Tennessee. The State alleges that Chevron's conduct violated several provisions of Tennessee law, including the False Claims Act...Chevron filings.

Education Management Corporation (EDMC)

A multistate investigation of Education Management Corporation (EDMC) resulted in a settlement with 39 states and the District of Columbia. As part of the agreement, EDMC, a for-profit education company, is required to significantly reform its recruiting and enrollment practices, and forgive more than $2.1 million in loans for over 1,400 former Tennessee students. EDMC operates two campuses in Nashville – Argosy University and The Art Institute...EDMC filings.


Elavon, Inc., and its subsidiary Ladco Financial Group, Inc., allegedly violated the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act through their procurement and servicing of credit card processing equipment leases. The State entered into an Agreed Final Judgment with the Elavon that includes restitution payments to consumers who have filed eligible complaints as defined by the settlement. Additionally, Elavon agreed to pay the State $135,000. Elavon has denied any wrongdoing....Elavon.

Gary Mathews North, Inc.

Gary Mathews North, Inc., located in Clarksville, TN, allegedly violated the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act by sending advertisements to Tennesseans advertising scratch and win events. The State alleged that the advertisements represented that consumers had won specific prizes when such was not the case. As a result of the State's investigation, Gary Mathews agreed to enter into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance. Under the terms of the Assurance, Gary Mathews agreed to pay $30,000 to the State and is prohibited from making such misrepresentations in the future. Gary Mathews denied any wrongdoing...Gary Mathews North filings.