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2013 Press Releases

13-01 January 16, 2013 Attorney General Cooper Urges Eligible Tennesseans to Submit Claim Forms to Receive Help Under National Mortgage Settlement
13-02 January 31, 2013 Tennessee Joins $120 Million Multistate Agreement with Lender Processing Services
13-03 January 31, 2013 Attorney General Cooper Urges Consumers to Be Wary of Storm-Related Scams
13-04 February 5, 2013 Tennessee Sues Standard & Poor's
13-05 February 14, 2013 Tennessee Joins 29 States in $29 Million Agreement with Toyota Resolving Unintended Acceleration Allegations
13-06 February 22, 2013 Tennessee Homeowners Reap Major Benefits from National Mortgage Settlement
13-07 March 12, 2013 Tennessee and 36 Attorneys General Reach $7 Million Agreement with Google
13-08 March 26, 2013

Brentwood Man Convicted, Ordered to Pay Restitution in Securities Law Violations Case
13-09 April 23, 2013 Attorney General Announces Settlement with Individual and Company that Promoted Light Device as Fungal Meningitis Cure
13-10 April 26, 2013 Settlements Announced in Nonprofit Lawsuits
13-11 May 16, 2013 Tennessee to Receive $5.5 Million to Resolve Adulterated Generic Drug Case
13-12 May 22, 2013 Tennesseans to Get More Refunds as Result of Agreement with Penguin Group Inc. to Resolve E-Book Price-Fixing Allegations
13-13 May 23, 2013 Latest Report Shows that Tennessee Homeowners Continue to Receive Help from the National Mortgage Settlement to Avoid Foreclosure, More Relief Available
13-14 June 4, 2013 More Than 18,000 Foreclosed Tennessee Borrowers Receiving $1,480 Checks through National Mortgage Settlement
13-15 June 6, 2013 Tennessee Participates in Multi-State, Multi-National Law Enforcement Initiative Against Deceptive Travel Promoters and Timeshare Resellers
13-16 June 12, 2013 Tennessee Medicaid Fraud and Integrity Division Receives Award for Cooperative Investigation
13-17 July 11, 2013 Refund Checks Issued to Eligible Tennesseans for Alleged Deceptive "Toning" Shoe Ads
13-18 August 1, 2013 Tennessee Reaches Settlement with Wyeth over Allegations of Off Label Marketing of Kidney Transplant Drug
13-19 August 13, 2013 Tennessee Joins Multistate and Federal Complaint to Block Harmful Merger of U.S. Airways, American Airlines
13-20 August 14, 2013 Tennessee Attorney General Settles Claims against Cosmetic Manufacturer Peter Thomas Roth, LLC
13-21 August 22, 2013 Court Freezes HRC Medical's Owners' Wives' Assets and Places them under Control of Receiver: Ruling Follows Entry of Three Agreements in which Settling Parties Agree Never to Sell Hormone Replacement Therapy in Tennessee Again
13-22 September 19, 2013 Attorney General Sues to Remove Lewis County Trustee from Office over Missing Funds
13-23 September 24, 2013 Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper, 39 Other Attorneys General Call on FDA to Regulate E-Cigarettes, Prohibit Sales to Minors
13-24 October 10, 2013 States Announce $30 Million Judgment Against Negative Option Marketer
13-25 October 30, 2013 Attorney General Announces Agreement to Resolve Allegations Auto Dealer Deceptively Promoted "Vehicle Clearance Event"
13-26 November 4, 2013 Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to Pay More Than $1.6 Billion to Resolve Healthcare Fraud Allegations
13-27 November 12, 2013 Tennessee Reaches Agreement in US Airways-American Airlines Merger Challenge to Allow Low-Cost Carriers More Competition Abilities
13-28 November 18, 2013 Attorney General Announces $17 Million Multistate Agreement with Google Regarding Tracking of Consumers
13-29 December 16, 2013 Tennessee Reaches Agreement with Pediatric Group Allegedly Overcharging for TennCare Services
13-30 December 17, 2013

TN AG, Financial Institutions Commissioner Alert Consumers to Potential Check Cashing Pitfalls
Alerta Consumidora Conjunta del Comisionado de las Instituciónes Financieras y del Procurador General del Estado de Tennessee

13-31 December 19, 2013 Tennessee Joins $2.1 Billion Joint State-Federal Settlement to Address Ocwen's Mortgage Servicing Problems

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