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    Press Release
    Eligible Consumers, Businesses Have Until Dec. 6, 2012 to File Claims if They Purchased LCD Flat Screen as Part of $1.1 Billion Antitrust Agreement

    November 19, 2012, #12-30

    Attorney General Bob Cooper is reminding eligible purchasers of LCD flat screen TVs, monitors and laptops to file a claim to recover restitution as part of a billion-dollar settlement reached with 10 leading electronics manufacturers.

    The restitution is part of an agreement resolving an alleged illegal conspiracy to raise prices for the LCD flat panel screens used in televisions, monitors and laptop computers.  The class action totals approximately $1.1 billion and provides cash back to consumers and businesses that bought widely used LCD (thin-film, transistor liquid crystal display) screens.  The billion-dollar settlement is the largest antitrust, all-cash class action recovery ever obtained for consumers who bought these electronic products indirectly from retailers and resellers, and not directly from the original manufacturer of the LCD flat panel screens.

    Eligible consumers will be able to collect $25, $100, $200 or more by answering a few simple questions about the number of LCD flat screen TVs, monitors, and laptops they bought from 1999 to 2006.  The exact amount of each payment will depend upon the number of products purchased and the number of claims filed.  No receipts or other documents are required for small claims.  Cash is available to consumers and businesses in Tennessee and across the country.  Consumers have until Dec.  6, 2012 to file a claim.  Claims can be filed online at

    “We are pleased to announce that Tennesseans who overpaid will get back what is rightfully theirs,” Attorney General Cooper said.  “No one should ever have to pay more for goods or services because companies conspire to fix prices by artificially manipulating the marketplace to raise the prices.”

    Following U.S. Department of Justice prosecutions of alleged wrongdoers within the LCD industry, several other attorneys general as well as a private class action group sued Japanese firms Hitachi, Sharp and Toshiba; Korean firms Samsung and LG Electronics; and Taiwanese firms AU Optronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, HannStar Display Corp. and Chi Mei Optoelectronics.  The agreement releases all claims of indirect purchasers including consumers, businesses and state government. 

    To get more information about the settlements or to file a claim online, visit or call the LCD settlement notice administrator at 1-855-225-1886.