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2010 Press Releases

10-01 January 5, 2010 Attorney General Announces Filing of Lawsuit Against Procesadora Nacional Cigarillera S.A. / Pronalci S.A.
10-02 January 11, 2010

Tennessee Attorney General Wins Deceptive Trade Practices Lawsuit against Nashville Electronics Seller Consumer Depot

10-03 January 19, 2010

Tennessee Officials Announce Guidebook Now Available to Assist Nonprofit Organizations

"What Every Board Member and Officer Should Know:  A Guidebook for Tennessee Nonprofits"

10-04 February 4, 2010 Tennessee Attorney General Issues Caution against College “Financial Aid” Pitch
10-05 February 12, 2010

Court Bans Nashville Individuals from Selling Tombstones in Tennessee

Filings of Interest in Marcus Jones, Jones Memorials & Wayne Monk, Monk Memorials

10-06 February 17, 2010

Attorney General Files Amended Complaint Adding More Defendants in Lawsuit against Employment Agency

10-07 February 25, 2010

Attorney General Sues Woman, Business for Alleged Misleading Ads, Promoting “International Driver’s Licenses”

10-08 February 26, 2010 State Arrests Four for Alleged Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Fraud Scheme
10-09 March 8, 2010 Attorney General Cautions Consumers about Fake Check Scams
10-10 March 9, 2010

FTC, 35 States Reach Agreement with Lifelock for Misleading Ads, Sales Tactics:  Identity Theft Protection Provider Agrees to $11 Million for Customers

10-11 March 23, 2010

Attorney General’s Statement on Healthcare Reform Bill

10-12 March 25, 2010

State Files Suit against Posey, American Trade Association, Smart Data Solutions, LLC, Serve America Assurance: Commerce & Insurance seeks to be appointed receiver of liquidated assets

10-13 April 1, 2010

State Sues Furniture Stores for Allegedly Failing to Deliver Furniture as Promised to Consumers

10-14 April 7, 2010

Valero Oil Agrees to Steps to Prevent Tobacco Sales to Minors

Filings of Interest in Valero Oil

10-15 April 8, 2010 State Indicts CPA for Deceased Murfreesboro Ponzi Scheme Operator for Allegedly Misleading Investors
10-16 April 29, 2010

Attorney General Resolves Gasoline Pricing Enforcement Action with Major Knoxville-Area Retailer: Agreement Totals $57,000; Consumer Claim Refunds Deadline June 28

10-17 May 3, 2010

Attorney General Asks Tennesseans to be Aware of Potential Price Gougers

Consumer Flood Information Sheet
Red Cross: Repairing Your Flooded Home

10-18 May 6, 2010

Tennessee Attorney General, Department of Commerce & Insurance Offer Information for Filing Insurance Claims, Where to Find Assistance

Insurance Tips for Tennessee Disaster Victims

10-19 May 17, 2010

Davidson County Judge Issues Injunction against Electronics Seller Consumer Depot and Orders $200,000 Set Aside for Remedies

10-20 May 19, 2010 Tennessee Attorney General Seeks Approval of $1.25 Million Judgment on behalf of 615 Soldiers against Military Lender and Retailer
10-21 May 20, 2010

Tennessee Attorney General Obtains more than $1 Million for Soldiers

10-22 June 16, 2010

State Sues Autumn Ridge Nursery, Summerstone Nursery, and Owners Following More Than 400 Consumer Complaints

10-23 June 24, 2010 Tennessee Attorney General Announces $173 Million Multistate Agreement with Worldwide Computer Chip Manufacturers for Alleged Price-Fixing
10-24 June 30, 2010 East Tennessee Physical Therapy Company to Pay More Than $1.8 Million to Settle State and Federal Claims of Improper Medical Billing
10-25 July 13, 2010 Attorney General Warns of Fake Health Insurance Scams
10-26 August 6, 2010 CPA Surrenders License per Agreement with State Following Indictment in Murfreesboro Ponzi Scheme Operation
10-27 August 9, 2010 Tennessee Attorney General Announces Agreement to Stop Internet Forum Host’s Alleged “Pay-to-Police” Internet Policy
10-28 August 11, 2010

Tennessee AG, FTC Obtain Restraining Order, Asset Freeze and Appointment of Receiver against Company Amid Fake Insurance Sales Allegations

10-29 August 20, 2010

Federal Judge Issues Contempt Order After Company Principals Move Court Ordered Frozen Assets

10-30 August 24, 2010

Tennessee Attorney General Joins in Call on craigslist to Eliminate Adult Services Section

10-31 August 26, 2010

State Reaches Agreement with Elmer Virula, TPS Tax Professional Services, Inc., and Office Professional Services, Inc.

10-32 September 9, 2010

Tennessee Announces New $3.5 Million Agreement with Publishers Clearing House

10-33 September 10, 2010

Attorney General Files for Potential Temporary Stieglitz Collection Display Arrangement

10-34 September 21, 2010 Attorneys General Asking to Close Its Adult Services Section
10-35 October 12, 2010 Major Drug Manufacturer Novartis to pay $422.5 million to Settle Claims of Off-Label Drug Marketing and Kickbacks
10-36 October 13, 2010 Attorney General Joins Multistate Group in Support of Cracking Down on Mortgage Foreclosure Problems
10-37 October 22, 2010 Makes Changes to Adult Services Section, But Attorney General Cooper Says More Needed to Protect Women, Children from Exploitation
10-38 November 4, 2010

Tennessee Reaches Agreement with AscendOne Corporation Resolving Allegations of Unlicensed Debt Management Services Sales

10-39 November 15, 2010 Tennessee Solicitor General Michael E. Moore Dies Following Lengthy Illness
10-40 November 17, 2010

Tennessee Attorney General Applauds FDA’s Warnings to Alcoholic Energy Drink Makers that Their Products are Unsafe

10-41 November 23, 2010 FTC, 35 States to Send up to $11 Million in Consumer Refunds Today as Result of Agreement with Lifelock, Resolving Misleading Ads, Sales Tactics
10-42 December 15, 2010

Tennessee Co-Leads $21 Million Multistate Action against Dannon for Allegedly Deceptive Yogurt Product Ads

10-43 December 15, 2010

Tennessee Leads Nationwide $13.25 Million Agreement with DIRECTV Resolving Alleged Deceptive Marketing Practices

10-44 December 20, 2010 Tennessee Attorney General Sues American Express, MasterCard and Visa to Eliminate Rules Restricting Price Competition; Reaches Agreement with Visa and MasterCard

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