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2009 Press Releases

09-01 January 8, 2009 Court Enjoins BlueHippo, Issues $1 Million Asset Freeze In State Suit For Alleged Deceptive Claims
09-02 January 12, 2009 Attorney General Announces Agreement to Improve Dell’s Customer Service and Obtain Restitution for Tennessee Consumers
09-03 January 13, 2009 Tennessee Foreclosure Rescue Company Enters Agreed Order to Halt Alleged Unlawful Activities
09-04 January 15, 2009 Eli Lilly to Pay More than $1.4 Billion for Off-Label Drug Marketing
09-05 January 16, 2009 Tennessee Resolves Dispute with USDOJ over Veterans Homes
09-06 January 22, 2009 Attorney General Enters Agreement with Mortgage Giant Countrywide to Provide Loan Modifications, $4 Million in other Relief to Tennesseans
09-07 February 9, 2009 Tennessee Adds New Terms to 2007 Judgment Against Bayer Corporation to Include Oral Contraceptive Risk Disclosure
09-08 March 9, 2009 Attorney General Enters Rate Agreement with Atmos Energy
09-09 April 1, 2009 Don’t be an April Fool to Stimulus Scams, Attorney General Cautions
09-10 April 13, 2009 Attorney General Cautions Tornado Victims Trying to Rebuild
09-11 April 16, 2009 Attorney General Settles with 27 Gas Stations Resolving Allegations of Hurricane Ike Price Gouging and Sues Major Knoxville-Area Retailer
09-12 April 29, 2009 Attorney General Halts Unlawful “Notario Publico” Advertisements
09-13 May 4, 2009 Wayne County Nursing Home Settles TennCare Overcharge Allegations
09-14 May 5, 2009 Attorney General, Department of Health and Division of Consumer Affairs Warn of Possible Novel H1N1 Flu Scams
09-15 May 12, 2009 Memphis Judge Finds BlueHippo in Civil Contempt after Failing to Comply with Asset Freeze
09-16 May 14, 2009 Tennessee Leads 17-State Settlement with Michelin North America, Inc. Regarding Advertisements Promoting Fuel Efficiency Savings
09-17 May 20, 2009 Tennessee Attorney General, Secretary of State and Division of Consumer Affairs Joined by FTC, 47 States and Washington, D.C. in Announcing “Operation False Charity”
09-18 June 11, 2009 TennCare Provider Fraud Task Force Reaches Largest TennCare False Claims Act Settlement to Date, Resolving Drug Overbilling
09-19 June 15, 2009 Tennessee Attorney General Sues to Stop Alleged Unauthorized Practice of Law by Suspended Lawyer
09-20 June 23, 2009 Tennessee Announces Multi-State Settlement with the TJX Companies, Inc. over Massive Data Breach
09-21 July 15, 2009 Tennessee Attorney General Announces Settlement Concerning Slow Disclosure of Negative Drug Study Results for Vytorin
09-22 July 16, 2009 Tennessee Attorney General Leads $5.9 Million Multistate Agreement with DISH Network
09-23 July 17, 2009 Former Attorney Agrees to Injunction to Stop Law Practice During Suspension
09-24 August 10, 2009 State Files Suit Against Two Owners Operating Cemetery Memorial Companies for Allegedly Failing to Deliver Promised Goods or Give Refunds
09-25 August 14, 2009 Attorney General and Consumer Affairs Caution Consumers to Watch Details when Considering “Cash for Clunkers” Promotions
09-26 September 2, 2009

Pfizer to Pay $2.3 Billion in Historic Pharmaceutical Agreements

09-27 September 16, 2009

Attorney General and DCA Continue to Combat Unlawful “Notario Publico” Advertisements

09-28 September 18, 2009

Court Issues Order to Stop Unlawful Conduct and Freeze Assets of Individuals Operating Nashville Tombstone Companies

09-29 September 24, 2009

State Agencies Remind Public, Businesses Single Cigarette Sales Are Illegal

09-30 October 7, 2009

State Files Suit against Employment Agencies

09-31 November 13, 2009

Tennessee Joins Other States, FDA Cautioning Consumers about Potential Problems with Caffeinated Alcoholic Energy Drinks

09-32 November 16, 2009

Tennessee Attorney General Announces Agreement with VONAGE Regarding Cancellation Issues

09-33 November 24, 2009 Tennessee Attorney General Cautions Consumers to Keep Watchful Eye Out for “Foreclosure Rescue” Companies Charging Up-Front Fees
09-34 December 1, 2009

Tennessee Attorney General Announces $25 Million Multistate Agreement for Vitamins Price-Fixing Conspiracy

09-35 December 16, 2009 Tennessee Attorney General Reminds Consumers to Watch out for Restrictions, Expiration Dates on Rebates, Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

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