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2007 Press Releases

07-01 January 8, 2007 Attorney General, TBI Recover more than $3.5 Million from Healthcare Fraud in 2006
07-02 January 9, 2007 Court Issues Restraining Order, Freezes Assets of Forest Hill Cemetery Owner Clayton Smart in Memphis
07-03 January 11, 2007 Attorney General Offers Suggestions to Avoid Buying into Weight Loss Scams
07-04 January 16, 2007 Tennesseans Eligible for Federal Telephone Tax Credit for 2006
07-05 January 18, 2007 Attorney General Responds to Recent Theft of Personal Data of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and A.J. Wright Customers
07-06 January 23, 2007 Tennessee Announces 30-State, $8 Million Agreement with Bayer Corp. regarding Inadequate Risk Disclosure
07-07 January 25, 2007 Tennessee Attorney General's Office Teams Up with the Ad Council for New Youth Reckless Driving Prevention Campaign
07-08 February 5, 2007 Attorney General Reminds Businesses to Protect Consumers' Credit Card Information
07-09 February 7, 2007 Tennessee Attorney General Warns Consumers of Employment Scams
07-10 February 13, 2007 Beware of Order Gatherers When Sending Flowers, Attorney General Suggests
07-11 February 15, 2007 Attorney General Requires 30-Day Alternative Suggestion Period Before Sale of Fisk Stieglitz Collection Paintings
07-12 March 5, 2007 Attorney General Obtains $300,000 Asset Freeze and Injunction Against Companies that Allegedly Engaged in Identity Theft
07-13 March 19, 2007 Attorney General Considering Proposals for Alternative to Sale of Fisk Stieglitz Collection Paintings
07-14 March 21, 2007 Attorney General Reaches Agreement with Mandatory Poster Agency, Inc.; Businesses have until June 19, 2007 to file for Refund
07-15 April 5, 2007 Attorney General Declines to Approve Fisk, Museum Settlement Agreement to Sell Prized Paintings
07-16 April 21, 2007 Tennessee Receives $140 Million in Annual Tobacco Payment
07-17 May 1, 2007 Attorney General, TDEC Expand Lawsuit Against Memphis Construction Company in Crackdown on Alleged Polluters
07-18 May 8, 2007 Tennessee, 25 Other States, D.C. Reach Agreement with Drug Company For Advertising Practices Regarding Concerns with Purdue Pharma's Pain Drug, OxyContin
07-19 May 9, 2007 East TN Court Temporarily Halts Alleged Envelope-Stuffing Scheme Operating in Knoxville
07-20 May 31, 2007 Tennessee Attorney General Joins 43 States in Agreement with ChoicePoint regarding Security Breach Allegations
07-21 June 1, 2007 Attorney General Obtains Business Ban and Additional Civil Penalties from Floral Order Telemarketer
07-22 June 4, 2007 Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs recognize the 30th Anniversary of Tennessee Consumer Protection Act
07-23 June 12, 2007 Governor's Advisory Committee on Transfer of Chief Executive Powers Meets Thursday
07-24 June 12, 2007 Tennessee Attorney General Joins Multistate Agreement in Oral Contraceptive Antitrust Lawsuit
07-25 July 5, 2007 Attorney General Urges Students to Shop Around Before Securing College Loans
07-26 July 11, 2007 Attorney General Cooper, DCA Announce Settlement With AOL Regarding Cancellation Issues
07-27 July 16, 2007 Governor's Advisory Committee on Transfer of Chief Executive Powers Meets Wednesday
07-28 August 2, 2007 Tennessee Attorney General Announces Participation in Multistate Safety Inquiry and Urges Consumers to Check Tire Numbers for Potentially Dangerous Recalled Tires
07-29 August 9, 2007 Attorney General Announces Recall of Chinese Tires, Urges Consumers and Retailers to Act Swiftly
07-30 August 28, 2007 Consumers Express Gratitude for Tennessee Consumer Protection Act Enforcement During 30th Anniversary Celebration
07-31 August 30, 2007 Heart Defibrillator Manufacturer Enters Agreement with Tennessee, 35 other States regarding Faulty Devices
07-32 October 8, 2007 Tennessee Attorney General Promotes Internet Safety for Youth
07-33 October 23, 2007 Attorney General Cooper Announces Agreement with Kroger Co. to Curb Tobacco Sales to Minors
07-34 November 6, 2007 Attorney General Suggests Energy Conservation Tips for Tennessee Consumers
07-35 November 20, 2007 Attorney General Sues, Files Temporary Injunction against Unregistered Credit Repair Companies
07-36 November 21, 2007 Attorney General Obtains Temporary Injunction against Credit Repair Companies
07-37 December 19, 2007 Attorney General Reaches Settlement with Hendersonville Companies

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