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2006 Press Releases

06-01 January 3, 2006 When Choosing to Go to Vocational or Technical School, Do Your Homework
06-02 January 6, 2006 Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Tobacco Distributor for Numerous State Law Violations
06-03 January 23, 2006 Ameriquest Mortgage Company to Pay $325 Million to Resolve Multistate Investigation of Predatory Lending
06-04 January 31, 2006 Attorney General Summers Reaches Agreement with Charity Fundraiser Regarding Sweepstakes Claims
06-05 February 2, 2006 Attorney General, DCA Join National Organizations to Promote Consumer Protection Week
06-06 February 6, 2006 Attorney General Cautions Seniors about Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Scams
06-07 February 7, 2006 Attorney General Warns Consumers About "Phishing" E-Mail Scam Regarding IRS Tax Refunds
06-08 February 8, 2006 FedEx to Restrict Cigarette Shipments to Help Reduce Youth Smoking
06-09 February 8, 2006 Tennesseans Entitled to Free Credit Reports
06-10 February 9, 2006 Attorney General Announces "We The People" Will Reform its Business Practices and Pay Refunds
06-11 February 27, 2006 Attorney General Warns Tennessee Consumers to Beware of Unsolicited Government Grant Offers
06-12 March 15, 2006 Attorney General Joins 42 States in Agreement with Nation's Largest Retail Pharmacy
06-13 March 16, 2006 Attorney General and Department of Revenue Announce Filing of Lawsuit Against Local Tobacco Distributor for State Law Violations
06-14 March 21, 2006 Attorney General Joins Agreement with Time Inc. Concerning Automatic Renewal Offers and Mail Solicitations
06-15 March 27, 2006 Tennessee-Based King Pharmaceuticals Settles Case for $124 Million
06-16 April 3, 2006 Attorney General Urges TRA to Proceed with Investigation into Atmos Energy Corp. Earnings
06-17 April 4, 2006 Tennessee Attorney General Urges IRS to Prohibit Tax Preparers from Sharing Tax Return Information
06-18 April 17, 2006 State Enters $250,000 Agreement with Road Sign Inspection Company in Over-Billing Case
06-19 April 19, 2006 Tennessee Receives $140 Million in Annual Tobacco Payment
06-20 April 27, 2006 State Obtains Judgement Against Yellow Pages, Inc. for Alleged Deceptive Advertising Contracts
06-21 May 3, 2006 Attorney General Summers Will Not Seek Second Term
06-22 May 8, 2006 Attorney General Distributing $90,000 to We The People Consumers
06-23 May 22, 2006 U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Review Rahman Death Penalty Case
06-24 May 23, 2006 Tennessee Judge Orders $224,052 Restitution for Victims of Hazardous Waste Dumping
06-25 May 30, 2006 Attorney General Announces Applications Available for Grants Under $21 Million Drug Company Agreement
06-26 June 14, 2006 Attorney General Enters Agreement with Alternative Health Products Marketer
06-27 June 19, 2006 Tennessee Joins Multistate Agreement with Chevron to Curb Tobacco Sales to Minors
06-28 August 18, 2006 Home Repairs Top Tennessee's Consumer Complaints for 2006
06-29 August 29, 2006 Court Approves Agreement with Fairfield Resorts, Inc.
06-30 September 6, 2006 Memphis Hotel Franchise to Make Restitution for Prices it Charged Consumer in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
06-31 September 7, 2006 Tennessee Attorney General Joins 40 Other States, Asking Hollywood Studios to Include Anti-Smoking Messages in DVDs
06-32 September 18, 2006 Attorney General Summers Joins Agreement with National Marketing Group for Alleged Misleading Auto Advertising
06-33 September 26, 2006 State Announces Agreement with Discount Healthcare Telemarketing Company
06-34 September 27, 2006 Attorney General Files Suit, Enters Agreement with Out-of-State Floral Order Gatherer for Alleged Misleading Claims
06-35 September 27, 2006 Attorney General Assists FTC to Warn Advertisers and Media That Ads Targeting Hispanics May be Deceptive
06-36 September 28, 2006 Attorney General and Division of Consumer Affairs Obtain Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with PayPal, Inc.
06-37 September 29, 2006 Court Approves $2,245,000 Agreement with Fairfield Glade Community Club
06-38 October 17, 2006 Tennessee Leads 17 Other States in $2.15 Million Agreement with Friedman's Jewelers
06-39 November 6, 2006 Attorney General Sues Purveyor of Purported Cures to Cancer and HIV/AIDS
06-40 November 15, 2006 Attorney General Obtains Temporary Injunction Order Against Purveyor of Purported Cures to Cancer and HIV/AIDS
06-41 December 4, 2006 Use Care When Holiday Shopping Online
06-42 December 5, 2006 Attorney General Obtains Civil Contempt Order Against Purveyor of Purported Cures to Cancer and HIV/AIDS
06-43 December 5, 2006 Attorney General Enters Agreement with Chattanooga Gas, Manufacturers, for Ratepayer Savings
06-44 December 8, 2006 Gift Cards Can be Dicey, Attorney General Cautions
06-45 December 11, 2006 Tennessee Reaches Agreement With Trilegiant Corp., Chase Bank For "Live Check" And Other Solicitations; Consumers Have Sept. 6, 2007 Deadline For Refunds
06-46 December 14, 2006

State Reaches Agreement with YP Corp. Regarding Check Solicitations; Complaint Deadline to DCA is February 5, 2007

Live Check Attachment to Press Release 06-46

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