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2005 Press Releases

05-01 January 31, 2005 Tennessee Participates in National Education Program on SUV Safety
05-02 February 6, 2005 Tennessee Attorney General Launches National Consumer Protection Week with Warning about Identity Theft
05-03 February 9, 2005 State Attorney General Alerts Consumers to "Phishing" E-Mails
05-04 February 10, 2005 Attorney General Sues Gibson County Doctors and Clinic Administrator for Allegedly Selling Last Year's Flu Vaccine
05-05 February 10, 2005 Water Supervisor Pleads Guilty to Forgery, Surrenders Water Operator License
05-06 February 12, 2005 Attorney General Cautions Tennesseans to Avoid Illegal Lotteries, Promotions and Sweepstakes
05-07 March 30, 2006 48 Attorneys General Reach Agreement with Blockbuster Over Advertising for "No Late Fee" Program
05-08 April 21, 2005 Attorney General Warns of Canadian Lottery Scam
05-09 April 25, 2005 Attorney General Announces Agreement with Knox County Man Sued for Internet Auction Activities
05-10 May 17, 2005 Tennessee Attorney General Stops Envelope Stuffing "Work at Home" Scheme
05-11 June 1, 2005 Tennesseans Now Entitled to Free Credit Reports
05-12 June 27, 2005 U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Gregory Thompson in Death Case
05-13 June 28, 2005 Tennessee Joins Letter Urging Major Credit Card Provider to Issue Security Breach Alert to Visa, MasterCard Cardholders
05-14 July 5, 2005 Tennessee and Other States Distribute $24 Million in Antitrust Settlement Funds
05-15 July 28, 2005 Attorney General Reaches Agreement with Franklin Man Regarding Unlawful Law Practice, Pyramid Marketing Scheme
05-16 August 16, 2005 Dial-Up Internet Access Modems in Danger of Hijacking
05-17 August 19, 2005 Scam Artists Targeting Job Hunters Online
05-18 August 19, 2005 Tennessee Tobacco Farmers Win in N.C. Supreme Court
05-19 August 25, 2005 TN Atty Gen Asks Country Music Artist Gretchen Wilson to Stop Promoting Use of Smokeless Tobacco to Youth
05-20 August 26, 2005 TN Atty Gen Receives Positive Response from Country Music Artist Gretchen Wilson Regarding "Skoal Ring" Performance
05-21 August 29, 2005 Attorney General Asks Tennesseans to be Aware of Potential Price Gougers in Wake of Hurricane Katrina
05-22 September 2, 2005 Tennessee Attorney General Goes to Court to Stop Price Gouging
05-23 September 6, 2005 Attorney General Files Second Price Gouging Lawsuit
05-24 September 7, 2005 Federal Court Grants Temporary Restraining Order to Block BRAC Decision
05-25 September 8, 2005 Attorney General Dismisses McMinnville Price Gouging Complaint
05-26 September 13, 2005 East Tennessee Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor, Employee Plead Guilty to Discharging Untreated Sewage into Ocoee River Basin
05-27 September 14, 2005 Tennessee Joins Other Attorneys General in Announcing $14.9 Million in Grants Available as Part of Drug Company Agreement
05-28 September 19, 2005 Attorney General Asks TRA to Determine Whether Atmos Energy Charging Customers Too Much for Natural Gas Service
05-29 September 26, 2005 Attorney General Obtains Restraining Order, Sues Business Allegedly Preying on Ft. Campbell Soldiers
05-30 October 4, 2005 State of Tennessee Receives More Than $1.7 Million in Tobacco Settlement Payments Today
05-31 November 15, 2005 Two Dickson Men Plead Guilty in Illegal Landfill Dumping
05-32 December 7, 2005 Make Wise Decisions when Giving to Charities
05-33 December 12, 2005 Attorney General Addresses DIRECTV Consumer Concerns with Multistate Agreement

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