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2004 Press Releases

04-01 January 22, 2004 Attorney General Warns Consumers to Beware of International Investment, Mail Fraud Scams
04-02 January 30, 2004 Financial Literacy Theme for National Consumer Protection Week 2004
04-03 January 30, 2004 Attorney General Dismisses Phillip Morris Lawsuit
04-04 February 2, 2004 Attorney General Warns Internet Auction Sellers to be Careful of Fraudulent Buyers
04-05 February 3, 2004 Attorney General Warns Consumers to Protect Against Identity Theft
04-06 February 4, 2004 Don't be Fooled by Advance Fee Loan Scams
04-07 February 5, 2004 Vehicle Financing Fraught with Choices, Pitfalls
04-08 February 6, 2004 State Attorney General Warns of Latest E-Mail Scam to Steal Private Information
04-09 February 19, 2004 More than 3 Million Refund Checks to be Distributed from Compact Disc Antitrust Settlement
04-10 March 11, 2004 Attorney General Sues California Company and Nashville Residents for Alleged Unauthorized Practice of Law
04-11 March 24, 2004 Telephone Ratepayers will Save $2 Million Annually
04-12 March 26, 2004 Attorney General Sues Nashville Resident for Alleged Unauthorized Practice of Law and Deceptive Practices
04-13 May 6, 2004 Attorney General Warns Consumers to Beware of Misleading Prescription Drug Discount Cards
04-14 June 1, 2004 Some Tennessee Cancer Patients to Receive Money Back as Part of Antitrust Agreement
04-15 July 8, 2004 Eligible Ford, Lincoln Mercury Customers to get Compensation as part of Multistate Action
04-16 July 12, 2004 Deadline nears for Consumers to Seek Refund of Sales Taxes Paid on Internet Access Charges from Internet Service Providers
04-17 July 19, 2004 Some Tennessee Users of Buspar Drug may be Eligible for Refunds
04-18 July 21, 2004 Thirty-Two Attorneys General Reach Agreements with Three Major Wireless Carriers

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