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2003 Press Releases

03-01 January 8, 2003 Attorneys General Reach Agreement with Pfizer Regarding Zithromax Claims
03-02 January 9, 2003 Tennessee Attorney General Joins Multistate Agreement with CVS Pharmacy
03-03 January 27, 2003 Attorneys General enter $80 Million Agreement with Heart Drug Cardizem CD Manufacturer
03-04 March 31, 2003 States Poised to Take Action after Philip Morris says it may not make $2.6 Billion Tobacco Settlement Payments.
03-05 April 14, 2003 Philip Morris to Make Scheduled Tobacco Payment After Illinois Judge Reduces Bond
03-06 April 24, 2003 States Reach Final Agreement with Bristol Myers-Squibb
03-07 April 29, 2003 Attorneys General Reach Accord with H&R Block Services in "Peace of Mind" Guarantee Consumer Charges
03-08 May 12, 2003 Tennessee Attorney General Joins National Agreement to Protect Children from Lead Paint Poisoning
03-09 May 20, 2003 FTC and State Unite to Thwart Fundraising Fraud
03-10 June 9, 2003 Attorney General Awards $5.6 Million to Tennessee Organizations in State's Largest Antitrust Settlement in History
03-11 June 18, 2003 States Reach $160 Million Settlement with Tobacco Companies
03-12 June 24, 2003 TN Attorney General Warns of Fraudulent Email
03-13 June 30, 2003 Attorney General's Investigation of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital District Closed
03-14 July 1, 2003 Tennessee Attorney General receives National Consumer Advocate Award for $51.5 Million Bridgestone/Firestone Settlement
03-15 July 22, 2003 Attorney General Warns Consumers to Beware of International Investment, Mail Fraud Scams
03-16 August 14, 2003 Tennessee Cardizem CD Consumers may Benefit from Major Class Action Settlement
03-17 August 26, 2003 Attorney General Warns Consumers to Beware of Individuals or Document Preparation Services Offering Unauthorized Services
03-18 October 10, 2003 Be Aware of Companies Collecting Personal Information, which may Affect use of National, State Do-Not-Call Lists
03-19 October 16, 2003 TN Attorney General Stops Alleged Unlawful Internet Pyramid Scheme Operation

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