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2002 Press Releases

02-01 January 7, 2002 Consumers Should Watch Mail for Defective Tire Case Restitution Information
02-02 February 4, 2002 Don't Be Fooled by Credit "Repair" Claims
02-03 February 5, 2002 Tennessee Joins Nationwide Agreement in Antitrust Drug Case
02-04 February 7, 2002 Tennessee Marks National Consumer Protection Week with Tips on Keeping Private Information Confidential
02-05 February 13, 2002 Walgreens Agrees to Reduce Tobacco Sales to Minors
02-06 February 14, 2002 Tennessee Joins Other State in $9 Million Agreement with "Discount" Buying Clubs for Alleged Consumer Violations
02-07 February 21, 2002 24 States Reach Agreement with Three Major Long Distance Carriers Regarding Discount Plans
02-08 March 7, 2002 More Notices Mailed to Consumers Regarding Bridgestone/Firestone Settlements
02-09 March 13, 2002 Plan Ahead for Hassle-Free Move
02-10 May 20, 2002 Tennessee Attorney General Promotes "Safe Trip" Campaign
02-11 May 27, 2002 State Wins Significant Death Penalty Case in U.S. Supreme Court
02-12 August 26, 2002 Attorney General Supports National Fraud Against Senior Citizens Awareness Week Campaign
02-13 September 30, 2002 Tennessee Attorney General Wins Antitrust Agreement in Lawsuit Alleging Pricing Conspiracy on Music CDs
02-14 October 29, 2002 Psychic Network's "Miss Cleo" to Cancel $Millions in Unpaid Charges to Conclude Deceptive Practice Cases
02-15 December 16, 2002 Tennessee Files Settlement with Household Finance
02-16 December 19, 2002 BP Amoco Strengthens Policies Preventing Tobacco Sales to Minors
02-17 December 20, 2002 Attorneys General Announce $51.5 Million Nationwide Agreement with The Ford Motor Company

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