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2012 Opinions

12-01 January 6, 2012 Marrero, Beverly- Senator State Employee Salaries
12-02 January 6, 2012 Hensley, Joey, M.D.- Representative Issuance of Beer Permits Near Cemeteries
12-03 January 13, 2012 Johnson, Julius- Commissioner of Agriculture Unfair Trade Practices under the Tennessee Dairy Law
12-04 January 13, 2012 Niceley, Frank- Representative Owner's Use of Milk and Licensing of the Sale of Eggs
12-05 January 13, 2012 Johnson, Julius- Commissioner of Agriculture Licensure under the Tennessee Egg Law
12-06 January 13, 2012 Haynes, Ryan- Representative Prearranged Funeral Contracts
12-07 January 13, 2012 Roberts, Richard H.- Commissioner of Revenue Border Region Retail Tourism Development District Act
12-08 January 18, 2012 Butt, Sheila- Representative Education Improvement Act- Number of School Board Members
12-09 January 20. 2012 Hensley, Joey- Representative Conflicts of Interest: Joint Economic and Community Development Boards
12-10 January 20, 2012 Rich, Barrett- Representative Scope of Enforcement Authority of Judicial District Task Force Members
12-11 February 3, 2012 Tracy, Jim- Senator "Growth and Development Fees" and "Impact Fees" Levied by Local Utilities
12-12 February 9, 2012 Norris, Mark- Senator Annexation in Shelby County
12-13 February 13, 2012 McDaniel, Steve K.- Representative Scope of County Litigation Tax
12-14 February 14, 2012 Pody, Mark- Representative Constitutionality of Legislation Requiring Governor to Designate "Tennessee's Day of Prayer"
12-15 February 15, 2012 McManus, Steve- Representative Interlocal Agreements to Provide Cable Services
12-16 February 17, 2012 McCormick, Gerald- Representative Right to Appointed Counsel for Probation Revocation
12-17 February 21, 2012 Bass, Eddie- Representative Rights of Persons Who File Attorney Disciplinary Complaints
12-18 February 22, 2012 Keisling, Kelly T.- Representative County Wheel Taxes
12-19 February 22, 2012 Phillips, William Paul- District Attorney Same Individual Serving as County Finance Director and member of School Board
12-20 February 22, 2012 Wilson, Justin P.- Comptroller of the Treasury Confidentiality of Hotel/Motel and Gross Receipts Tax Information
12-21 February 22, 2012 Lollar, Ron- Representative Unmanned Traffic Enforcement Cameras
12-22 February 22, 2012 Brown, Tommie F.- Representative Revocation of Professional Licenses Due to Student Loan Arrears
12-23 February 23, 2012 Kyle, James F.- Senator Appeals of General Sessions Court Decisions
12-24 February 28, 2012 Northern, Isaac- Tennessee Real Estate Commission Real Estate Commission Rulemaking Authority for Vacation Lodging Services
12-25 February 29, 2012 Fellman, Ted- Tennessee Housing Development Agency Administration of Project-Based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Contracts
12-26 February 29, 2012 Justin Wilson- Comptroller of the Treasury Discount Utility Rates for Senior Citizens
12-27 February 29, 2012 Watson, Bo- Senator Authority of Physical Therapy Board
12-28 March 2, 2012 McNally, Randy- Senator Contracts for Unmanned Traffic Enforcement Cameras
12-29 March 2, 2012 Weaver, Terri Lynn- Representative Exclusion of Religious or Political Nonprofit Organizations from Certain State Contracts
12-30 March 5, 2012 McManus, Steve- Representative House Election Contest
12-31 March 8, 2012

Yager, Ken- Senator

Powers, Dennis- Representative

Use of County Funds to Support Referendum to Increase Local Option Sales Tax
12-32 March 9, 2012 Beavers, Mae- Senator Courtroom Security
12-33 March 9, 2012 Hurley, Julia C.- Representative Imposition of Penalties for Simple Possession or Casual Exchange of a Controlled Substance
12-34 March 12, 2012 McCormick, Gerald- Representative Authority of Municipal Electric Boards to Provide Telecommunications
12-35 March 12, 2012 Ketron, Bill- Senator Authority of Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) to Regulate Flight Training Schools
12-36 March 13, 2012 Miller, Don- Representative Class E Felony Punishable by Fine Only
12-37 March 19, 2012 Windle, John Mark- Representative Human Resource Agency Board Member Conflict of Interest
12-38 March 19, 2012 Armstrong, Joe- Representative Collecting Sheriff's Fee for Bail Bond
12-39 March 20, 2012 Marerro, Beverly- Senator

Establishment of New School Districts by Municipalities in Shelby County


12-40 March 20, 2012 Faulk, Mike- Senator Constitutionality of Bill Limiting Property Owner's Prohibition of Firearms in Vehicles
12-41 March 20, 2012 Haynes, Joe- Senator Limitations on Drug Testing as a Condition of Receiving Public Assistance
12-42 March 21, 2012 Fitzhugh, Craig- Representative Authority to Award Child Support in the Absence of a Divorce or Separation Decree
12-43 March 29, 2012 Shepard, David- Representative City Councilmember's Receipt of TCRS Benefits While Holding Office
12-44 April 3, 2012 Shaw, Johnny- Representative Tennessee Constitution's Open Courts Clause
12-45 April 3, 2012 Hatter, Raquel- Commissioner of Human Services Limitations on Drug Testing as a Condition of Receiving Public Assistance
12-46 April 3, 2012 Watson, Bo- Senator Interior Design by Non-Registrants Under Tenn. Code Ann. §§ 62-2-101 to -906
12-47 April 17, 2012

Johnson, Jack- Senator

White, Mark- Representative

Drug Testing Workers' Compensation Recipients/Retroactive laws
12-48 April 25, 2012 Hatter, Raquel- Commissioner of Human Services Licensing Exemption for Parents' Day Out Programs
12-49 May 2, 2012 Odom, Gary- Representative Charter Schools- Student Enrollment Capacity
12-50 May 8, 2012 Matheny, Judd- Representative Department of Labor/Wage Regulations
12-51 May 9, 2012 Carter, Ed- Executive Director of TWRA Greenbelt Rollback Tax Liability on Land Purchased Through the Wetlands Acquisition Fund
12-52 May 10, 2012 Norman, Seth- Judge Payment of Fines in Installments
12-53 May 21, 2012 Summerville, Jim- Senator Authority of the Tennessee Historical Commission
12-54 May 21, 2012 Fitzhugh, Craig- Representative Wholesale Beer Tax and Quality Control Standards Determination
12-55 May 21, 2012 McCormick, Gerald- Representative Property Tax Exemption for Low-Income Housing Property
12-56 May 21, 2012 Beavers, Mae- Senator Recall Petitions in Multi-District Cities or Counties
12-57 May 21, 2012 Wirgau, Tim- Representative Sheriff's Civil Service Law
12-58 May 31, 2012 Kyle, James- Senator Healthcare Liability Actions under the Tennessee Civil Justice Act of 2011
12-59 June 6, 2012 Lundberg, Jon- Representative Tennessee Residency Requirements for Alcoholic Beverages Wholesalers and Retailers
12-60 June 6, 2012 Shipley, Tony- Representative Application of Open Meetings Act
12-61 June 7, 2012 Stephens, Mark- Public Defender Application of the Tennessee State Employees Uniform Nepotism Policy Act
12-62 June 7, 2012 Yager, Ken- Senator Resolving Tie Votes for Elections in Single County or Civil Districts
12-63 June 13, 2012 Berke, Andy- Senator Tennessee's Compulsory School Attendance Requirement
12-64 June 25, 2012 Norris, Mark- Senator Apportionment of Local Education Funding
12-65 June 27, 2012 Johnson, Curtis- Representative Conflicts of Interest under Tenn. Code Ann. § 5-14-114
12-66 June 29, 2012 Lillard, David- Treasurer Effect of County's Withdrawal from Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System
12-67 July 5, 2012 Nixon, Gary- Executive Director Approval or Denial of Amended Charter School Applications
12-68 July 6, 2012 Hardaway, G.A.- Representative Local Education Agencies as Sponsors of Charter Schools
12-69 July 6, 2012 Cooper, Barbara- Representative Extending Contracts for Directors of Schools
12-70 July 11, 2012 McCormick, Gerald- Representative Municipal Electric System Providing Internet and Video Programming
12-71 July 13, 2012 Fitzhugh, Craig- Representative Tennessee Regulatory Authority
12-72 July 18, 2012 Hardaway, G.A.- Representative "In Lieu of" Tax Payments on Gas System in Charter County
12-73 July 19, 2012 Norris, Mark- Senator Shelby County Ordinance Creating Private Right of Action for Civil Rights Violations
12-74 July 19, 2012 Hensley, Joey- Representative Lewis County Highway Advisory Committee
12-75 July 19, 2012 Wilson, Justin- Comptroller The Other Post-Employment Benefit Investment Trust Act of 2006
12-76 July 25, 2012 Watson, Eric- Representative Exclusion of Public Officials from Pretrial or Judicial Diversion
12-77 July 25, 2012 Moore, Gary- Representative Part-time Officers as Licensed Security Guards
12-78 July 27, 2012 Jones, Josh- MTAS Municipal Administrative Hearing Officer Act
12-79 July 31, 2012 Faulk, Mike- Senator Vacancy on County Commission
12-80 August 2, 2012 Watson, Bo- Senator Electronic Signatures on Petitions for Municipal Formation and Annexation
12-81 August 15, 2012 Weirich, Amy- District Attorney Use of Government Employee's Garrity Statement in Criminal Prosecution of Another
12-82 August 23, 2012 Phillips, William Paul- District Attorney Authority of Judicial Commissioners and Judges Regarding the Setting and Alteration of Bail
12-83 August 23, 2012 Barnes, Tim- Senator Standing of Bonding Company to Commence Failure to Appear Action
12-84 September 10, 2012 Lane, Minnie- Chair Application of Private Investigators Licensing Act to Digital Forensics Providers
12-85 September 10, 2012 Marsh, Pat- Representative Court Clerk's Application of Delinquent Tax Sale Proceeds to Pay Taxes for Subsequent Years
12-86 September 11, 2012 Keisling, Kelly- Representative Use of Public Funds to Promote Adoption of Charter County Form of Government
12-87 September 17, 2012 Denson, Fred- General Counsel Volunteers Assisting the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
12-88 September 20, 2012

Southerland, Steve- Senator

Miller, Don- Representative

Secondary Transportation Agents for Persons with Mental Health Disabilities
12-89 September 20, 2012 Camper, Karen- Representative Court Fees for Expungements
12-90 September 24, 2012 Campfield, Stacey- Senator Handgun Carry Permit Fees and Fines for Unlawfully Carrying Weapons
12-91 September 25, 2012 Colley, Linda- Chairman Exemption from the Cosmetology Act for Medical Professionals
12-92 October 3, 2012 Campfield, Stacey- Senator Governmental Hiring and Contracting Practices
12-93 October 3, 2012 Watson, Bo- Senator Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquors in Hamilton County
12-94 October 8, 2012 Haslam, Bill- Governor Constitutionality of Charter School Staff and Reporting Requirements
12-95 October 9, 2012 McNally, Randy- Senator Rights of Biological Parents and Adoptive Children
12-96 October 9, 2012 Beavers, Mae- Senator Authority for Storm Water Fees/Unfunded Federal Mandates
12-97 October 18, 2012 Harrison, Mike- Representative Definition of Municipal Solid Waste
12-98 October 29, 2012 McPeak, Julie- Commissioner Regulation of Used Jewelry Purchasers Under Tennessee Law
12-99 October 29, 2012 Pody, Mark- Representative Health Care Compact
12-100 October 30, 2012 Hardaway, G.A.- Representative Notice Required for Extension of Contracts for Director of Schools
12-101 October 31, 2012 Dunn, Bill- Representative Pawnbroker Compliance with Scrap Jewelry and Metal Dealers Act
12-102 November 1, 2012 Jones, Kelsie- Executive Secretary Valuation of Certified Green Energy Production Facility Machinery and Equipment
12-103 November 2, 2012 Brooks, Harry- Representative Officers under County Charter
12-104 November 9, 2012

Taylor, Mike- District Attorney

Conflict of Interest – Member of County Board of Education

12-105 November 26, 2012 Williams, Kent- Representative Authority of Carter County Planning Commission to Require Testimony Under Oath
12-106 November 26, 2012 McNally, Randy- Senator Permissibility of Modifications to the TennCare Program
12-107 November 26, 2012 Hensley, Joey- Senator County Courthouse Security
12-108 December 14, 2012 Johnson, Jack- Senator Motor Vehicle Dealer Registration Plates
12-109 December 14, 2012 Hawk, David- Representative County Commission Meetings
12-110 December 28, 2012 Niceley, Frank- Senator Sales Tax on Gold and Silver Coins

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