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Frequently Asked Questions

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Child Abuse

I believe a child is being abused or neglected. Whom do I report this to?

To report abuse or neglect of a child, contact the Child Protective Services division of the Department of Children's Services.

Child Support

I am not receiving child support payments. Whom do I contact?

Contact Child Support Services in the Department of Human Services for information on child support matters including a listing of local child support offices.

Collection Agencies

Is there anything I can do to stop all the collection calls I've been receiving?

Contact the Collection Service Board in the Department of Commerce and Insurance for information about collection agencies.

Consumers / Businesses

Whom do I contact if I have a complaint about a business?

For information about where to file a complaint, see the File a Consumer Complaint section of this website.

I'm having a lot of problems with a car I just purchased. Does Tennessee have a Lemon Law?

Tennessee does have a Lemon Law. The Division of Consumer Affairs' website has details about what the law covers.


I believe my employer is discriminating against me. Whom do I report this to?

The Tennessee Human Rights Commission is the independent state agency charged with preventing and eradicating discrimination in employment, public accommodations, and housing.

District Attorneys General

Does the Attorney General govern the District Attorneys?

No. Criminal cases at trial are prosecuted by the district attorneys general. The district attorneys are elected officials and independent of the Attorney General's Office. This Office has no authority over the handling of their cases. Contact the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference for more information about the work of the District Attorneys.

Are certain convictions are eligible for expungement?

Certain convictions are now eligible for expungement under Tenn. Code Ann. § 40-32-101(g). These matters are handled by the District Attorneys General. For more information, see the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference's website.

Foreclosure Assistance

I am falling behind on my mortgage payments and am afraid the bank is going to foreclose on my house. Can anyone help me?

A certified counselor can provide information on available services and programs, and these services are free of charge. Find a list of certified counselors and other helpful foreclosure information through the Keep My Tennessee Home website..


I will be traveling to Tennessee on vacation. Will Tennessee recognize my state's handgun carry permit?

The Department of Safety's website has information about handgun carry permits including a list of states Tennessee has formal reciprocity agreements with.

Health Care

What has the office of the Attorney General said regarding legal challenges to the constitutionality of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

The Supreme Court of the United States issued its ruling on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on June 28, 2012. The Court held that the individual mandate is a constitutional exercise of Congress's power under the Taxing Clause of the Constitution. The Court also held that Congress lacks authority under the Spending Clause of the Constitution to penalize a state with the loss of existing Medicaid funding if the state declines to expand its Medicaid program as required by the Act. This constitutional defect is remedied, according to the Court, by precluding the federal government from withdrawing existing Medicaid funds when a state fails to comply with the expansion requirement. No other provisions of the Act were affected by the Court's ruling.

Tennessee, like every state, is bound by the Supreme Court's decision. This office determined that Tennessee's participation in the lawsuit would not have been an appropriate use of limited state resources because participation would have cost money during difficult economic times while providing no additional benefit to the state. Accordingly, the office took a conservative approach to the expenditure of taxpayer dollars and declined to join other states in either challenging or supporting the law.

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled, this office stands ready to assist Governor Haslam and the General Assembly in decisions about future implementation of the Act.

Whom do I contact to file a complaint against a health care professional?

Contact Health Professionals Boards in the Department of Health for matters related to licensed health care professionals.


I have a complaint about the way my insurance company is handling my claim. Whom do I contact to file a complaint?

Contact the Insurance Division of the Department of Commerce and Insurance for issues related to insurance coverage

Judges / Legal Matters

My lawyer will not return my phone calls. Whom do I contact to file a complaint about my lawyer?

Contact the Board of Professional Responsibility to file a complaint against a lawyer in Tennessee.

I need legal advice but cannot afford an attorney. Can the Attorney General be my lawyer?

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State of Tennessee and represents the interests of the state in a variety of legal matters. This Office does not have the authority to provide legal assistance to private individuals.

The Tennessee Bar Association's website has information about a variety of legal issues, links to Legal Aid and Legal Services offices in Tennessee, and resources to assist you in finding an attorney.

I believe a judge has violated the Code of Judicial Conduct. Whom do I contact to file a complaint?

The Board of Judicial Conduct handles matters related to the conduct of judges.

Open Records

I have requested records from my local government office but the office has not responded. Whom can I contact about this?

The Office of Open Records Counsel in the Comptroller of the Treasury's office serves as the contact for concerns about access to local government public records under Tennessee's public records act.

Sex Offender Registry

How do I find out if anyone in my neighborhood is a registered sex offender?

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation maintains the Sexual Offender Registry. On the TBI website, you can search for offenders by name, city, county, or zip code.

Who has to register as a sex offender?

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation maintains the Sexual Offender Registry. You can find registration requirements and other information on the TBI website.

TennCare Fraud

I know someone receiving TennCare who should not be. Whom do I report this to?

Report allegations of TennCare fraud to the Office of Inspector General.


I have questions about my unemployment. Whom do I contact?

Contact the Division of Employment Security in the Department of Labor and Workforce Development with unemployment questions.