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Lynwood/Berry's Chapel, #11-000198

Lynwood/Berry's Chapel, Petition to Change and Increase the Rates and Charges Paid by Consumers for Wastewater Service, #11-000198

On November 15, 2011, Lynwood filed in the Tennessee Regulatory Authority ("TRA") a Petition to change and increase the rates and charges paid by consumers for wastewater service. The petition seeks an increase in rates by $398,853.00. This represents a rate increase of 76% for the households served by Lynwood.

The Consumer Advocate and Protection Division intervened in the case on behalf of ratepayers and participated at the hearing. The Authority approved an annual revenue increase of $180,840 for Berry's Chapel. This amount is based on a Rate Base of $1,135,068, revenues at current rates of $596,258, total operating expenses of $681,668, a fair rate of return of 7.5% and a revenue conversion factor of 1.0604.

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Filings

This list includes only significant filings and is not intended to be a complete record of the matter.