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Chattanooga Gas Supply, Pipeline Capacity and Asset Management, #07-00224

Chattanooga Gas Supply, Pipeline Capacity and Asset Management, #07-00224

Chattanooga Gas Corporation (CGC) is engaged in the business of transporting, distributing and selling natural gas in several Tennessee counties and is regulated by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA). This TRA Docket originated in Docket 06-00175, and was brought for the purpose of considering issues concerning asset management and capacity release raised by the Consumer Advocate. The Consumer Advocate took the position that an independent consultant should be retained triennially to review CGC’s Capacity Supply Plan, Asset Management Agreement, and Asset Manager Selection Process. CGC took the position that no such review was necessary.

The parties attempted to resolve this matter via a settlement agreement which was submitted to the TRA on July 8, 2009. During the hearing on the merits on July 13, 2009, the TRA rejected the proposed settlement of the parties and heard the proof of both the Consumer Advocate and CGC. Following that hearing, the TRA ordered that CGC submit its asset manager selection criteria prior to soliciting bids from potential asset managers, and that a triennial review by an independent consultant take place in relation to CGC’s capacity supply plan beginning in 2013.

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Filings


This list includes only significant filings and is not intended to be a complete record of the matter.