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Chattanooga Gas Rate Review, Modification to Implement Decoupling, #09-00183

Chattanooga Gas Company Rate Review and Request Rate Design Modification to Implement Decoupling, #09-00183

Chattanooga Gas Company (CGC) is engaged in the business of transporting, distributing and selling natural gas in portions of Hamilton and Bradley Counties.

On November 16, 2009, CGC filed for an increase in the rates it charges consumers and for a modification of its rate design in order to implement a revenue decoupling mechanism. The rate request seeks an increase in natural gas rates that will bring CGC an additional $2.6 million annually. The revenue decoupling mechanism is sought by the company allegedly in the name of energy conservation and would “decouple” CGC’s revenues from the amount of natural gas used by CGC’s customers. According to the company, this is to align the interests of CGC with those of its customers so that CGC will have an incentive to adopt certain energy conservation and education programs described in its Petition.

The Consumer Advocate has intervened to verify whether or not the proposed rate increase is justified and to insure that any decoupling or other energy conservation program properly considers all relevant factors and is in the best interest of CGC, consumers, and the efficient use of energy, in accordance with the energy policy adopted by the General Assembly in 2009.

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