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Cartwright Creek Rate Increase, #09-00056

Cartwright Creek Rate Increase, #09-00056

On April 28, 2009, Cartwright Creek, L.L.C. filed for a rate increase before the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA) in the amount of $182,833 annually. The utility requested a rate increase on its approximately 500 customers of 75.15%. This is the Company’s first request for a rate increase in nearly 14 years. The Consumer Advocate reviewed the Petition and indicated that an increase should not exceed 30.59%. The Consumer Advocate and Cartwright Creek filed a Proposed Settlement Agreement on November 4, 2009. Through negotiations, the parties agreed to increase Cartwright Creek’s annual revenue by $98,054, or no more than 40%.

At the November 30, 2009, hearing on the merits, the TRA unanimously approved the Proposed Settlement Agreement. The TRA also heard evidence on the remaining outstanding issues related to Cartwright Creek’s the Proposed Tariff, which had been stipulated to by the parties. At the TRA’s Regularly Scheduled Conference on December 14, 2009, the TRA deliberated and ruled in favor of the Consumer Advocate’s position on those remaining issues. As a result of the TRA’s decision, Cartwright Creek’s tariff will charge no more than $5,000 for Tap Fees rather than $9,000 sought by the company, classify all Tap Fee proceeds as revenue and will not increase the Disconnection/Reconnection charge. Additionally, Cartwright Creek is required to conduct a study within the next 6 months on the feasibility of implementing volumetric billing and is further required to notify the TRA and the Consumer Advocate within 3 days of any change in Cartwright Creek’s permits issued by TDEC.


Tennessee Regulatory Authority Filings


This list includes only significant filings and is not intended to be a complete record of the matter.