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Atmos Environmental Cost Recovery Rider, #07-00081

Atmos Energy Corporation Environmental Cost Recovery Rider, #07-00081

Atmos Energy Corporation is engaged in the business of transporting, distributing and selling natural gas in several Tennessee counties and is regulated by the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA).

On March 29, 2007, Atmos filed for approval by the TRA a Tariff Establishing Environmental Cost Recovery Rider seeking the recovery of $2,714,756 for environmental cleanup costs. The majority of the environmental costs were actually related to the 19th Century conduct of an unrelated entity.

After preparing the matter for hearing, the Consumer Advocate and the utility agreed to a settlement that reduced the company’s request to $1,650,000. The Consumer Advocate’s involvement in this cost recovery filing will save the utility’s customers $1,064,684.

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Filings


This list includes only significant filings and is not intended to be a complete record of the matter.