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Pfizer/Wyeth – Rapamune

Pfizer/Wyeth – Rapamune

Pfizer Inc, as parent of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc., agrees to be bound by this settlement resolving allegations that Wyeth violated the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act by unlawfully promoting Rapamune, an immunosuppressive drug currently approved by the FDA to help prevent organ rejection after kidney transplant surgery. Allegations included Wyeth making representations related to: (1) the unapproved use of Rapamune following an organ transplant other than a kidney transplant; (2) the unapproved protocol of converting patients to Rapamune after initially receiving a different immunosuppressive drug; and (3) using Rapamune in unapproved drug combinations. The settlement requires Pfizer to ensure that its marketing and promotional practices do not unlawfully promote Rapamune or any other Pfizer drug. Tennessee and 41 other attorneys general participated in this consumer protection settlement.

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