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Mountain Area Communications

Mountain Area Communications, LLC, American Publisher's Service, LLC, Shawna R. McDonald, individually and d/b/a Mountain Area Communications, LLC, Eric N. McDonald, individually, and also d/b/a American Publisher's Service, LLC, and Zack Haverland, individually, and also d/b/a Mountain Area Communications, LLC. As well as G.H. McDonald, a/k/a Mack McDonald, a/k/a Mac McDonald, Nancy Juniper, a/k/a/Nancy McDonald a/k/a Nancy Shanklin, and Christopher M. McDonald

The State alleges that Mountain Area Communications, American Publisher’s Service and the other defendants contacted consumers stating they had won a gift card and later told the consumers that the gift card was conditional on signing up for free magazines plus a payment shipping and handling. The State alleges defendants violated federal telemarketing law and the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act by making telemarketing pitches that were not truthful and failed to disclose material terms and conditions including the total cost and cancellation policy.

Press Release

State Court Filings in Mountain Area Communications

This list includes only significant filings and is not intended to be a complete record of the matter.