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5-hour Energy

Innovation Ventures, LLC; Living Essentials, LLC; and Microdose Sales, LLC (5 Hour Energy)

On June 13, 2013, the entities that market and produce 5-hour Energy products filed a motion for declaratory action against the Department of Commerce and Insurance seeking to prevent the State from requiring production of documents and information under a Request for Consumer Protection Information (Request), a pre-filing investigative subpoena. The Request was issued by the State under the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act to determine if 5-hour Energy has engaged in unfair and deceptive acts or practices in its highly-publicized 'doctors' recommended' campaign, if its ubiquitous 'no crash' product tagline is deceptive and whether 5-hour Energy's product suitability for adolescents was deceptive. The State filed a motion to dismiss the action, which was granted.

State Court Filings

This list includes only significant filings and is not intended to be a complete record of the matter.